Every job is a learning possibility that allows me to grow. I approach each one with love and positive energy, which leads to excellent results.

I love taking on each project, no matter how challenging, and seek a new way to adapt and give it my best.

My experience as a sound technician as well as with post production allows me to approach my work in a professional and comprehensive way.

I am Dami Stavros

I am married to Romina and together we have two wonderful boys-Tomas and Camilo. I have a comprehensive experience in the highly challenging audiovisual field.

On the one hand, I am a Voice over artist, a job I am fully invested in. Graduated form ISER, I have been doing voiceovers for the television, and broadcasting on the radio and digital media both in Argentina and other Latin-American markets for over 12 years. I am also a voice actor (INCAA) and have been doing voiceovers and dubbing in Neutral Spanish since 2007. Throughout the years, I have worked with series, films and cartoons for the leading television channels and digital platforms.

On the other hand, I am an experienced Recording Technician and work with audio post-production (TEC SON). As part of STAVROS DIGITAL SOUND team, I also work with sound design in films. This gives me an even broader perspective on how the audiovisual world works and the multiple factors that should be considered in every project.

I am constantly seeking to take on new challenges, where experience and professionalism are indispensable for the best approach to the project. Both qualities are key characteristics of my work. I am highly motivated to continue growing and learning in my field. I am convinced that with dedication, teamwork, and good communication with the clients, excellent results are achieved. My experience shows that this approach does not only lead to a fantastic outcome, but also to a thoroughly enjoyable journey there.

Happy Clients


Commercials for television, radio and digital media



Call centres


Corporate audio

Corporate videos


Narramatics (on video)

Event hosting




Charatcer creation

Original voice-over



Sound Editing of voice-over pieces. Stavros Digital Sound design and post-production of sound for cinema, television and digital media

Radio y TV spots

Professional demos

Contact info@stavros.com.ar or visit Stavros Digital Sound


Professional Studio

MacPro / ProTools 10HD / Mbox2Pro / Avid Fast Track Pro
Mics: Sennheiser 416 / MxlV67 / Samson / Shure Stereo Mic
Monitoring: Genelec 1030 / Yamaha HS5

Professional Home Studio

Pc Lenovo i7 / 12GB RAM / SSD 250GB / 1TB
Protools 12Hd / Mic M-Audio USB / Sony MDR-7506 headphones / Mic Apogee HypeMic / Interface Evo 4
Remote connectivity: Audiomovers / Bodalgo / SessionLink


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